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Our greatest satisfaction is to provide a clean and beautifully organized living environment for our customers

Since 2017 Slogaway has developed and refined its Lifestyle Concierge Services to respond to your busy lifestyle.

We are focused on providing high quality in home cleaning services to property owners in Miami’s most exclusive districts.

In order to make this happen we used our experience and cleaning passion and build our team of expert cleaners and partners, with your expectations in mind.

We care about your safety and your home

Keeping a clean and beautifully organized living environment in our customers homes is our highest priority.

Slogaway holds a solid experience with degrees in Hotel Management, Luxury Hospitality experience, and years of cruise ship experiences on top management levels.

We provide custom designed services for your properties ensuring that you will always return to an immaculately clean and organized home.

Thank you for trusting us with your home!

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